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Newlands Murray Newlands Famous Blogger

Today I started to get traffic through on the term Newlands and I am getting more and more traffic on the term Murray Newlands as well as Famous Blogger . So I did a little digging around. It turns out that I am now a google search term Murray Newlands. What do I mean by that? Well 170 people per month search for the term Murray Newlands! Incredible I have been running this blog for three months today and already 170 people search for Murray Newlands maybe I am a Famous Blogger . More incredibly I now rank in position 11 for the term Newlands which gets an incredible 110,000 searches per month I will make a Famous Blogger. That is the reason you may have noticed I added the words Murray Newlands in the first paragraph of the title bar. Let’s see if I can get to the first page of Google for Newlands and makes me a Famous Blogger . If I make that it will be on to the word Murray which gets an amazing 5,000,000 searches per month that would be something at make me a Famous Blogger . What can you do to help, well if you like this blog and would like to support it please link to it from the term “newlands”.  – UPDATE now GOOGLE.COM number 10 for “newlands”-

For some reason I seem to get lots of traffic for newlands school, newlands park, newlands cape town, newlands design, newlands marketing, newlands hotel, www newlands, newlands UK, and the newlands even thought I have not written about them. Oh I just did!

So the moral of this blog post is to ask you a question if you are a blogger or Famous Blogger . I have not optimised my blog for my name even though there is lots of traffic under my nose for the name Newlands and vast amounts under the work Murray and now Famous Blogger . People also link to this site using my name Murray Newlands, do you have links coming to your site using your name? I bet you do and is there lots of traffic you could be getting for your name if you just looked for it? Do you rank for your name?

Newlands Murray Newlands Famous Blogger

3 comments on “Newlands is my name Murray Newlands Famous Blogger

  • I’m surprised, that is great, especially considering until I read your note, I would’ve thought you optimized your blog name. Keep up the good work, you’ll be at #1 on page 1 in no time!

  • Dina yes tell me about it, amazing how much traffic I have probably been missing out on for the word “newlands” and now famouse blogger.

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