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Solar Affiliates

Solar Affiliates? Should you be starting to promote environmentally friendly causes and become a solar energy affiliate? Becoming part of the ranks of solar affiliates is something that will be good for your affiliate program but also good for the Earth.

Solar energy affiliate marketing is on the up! Going green and encouraging others to go green is close to my heart. With summer here, now is the time that people will think about fitting solar panels to their house and I would like you to be one of the people helping to persuade them to do so. Promoting carbon offsetting with solar panels is an important way you can use your skills and talents to save the environment. Solar affiliates are pioneers in the affiliate marketing world who understand how to use their marketing expertise to promote ventures that make sense both for the Earth and for their business.

Many businesses in the green world operate on a concept called the Triple Bottom Line- People, Planet, Profit (PPP). Solar affiliates are part of that conservation-minded business model. Solar affiliates also have the advantage of being comfortable and connected in the affiliate marketing world already- becoming solar affiliates extends your marketing reach as well as your eco-friendly business practices.

Here is an example of a solar affiliate program:


Each purchase by a referral from your website equals a 5% commission. Hot selling products include:

Solar Panels
Complete Solar Energy Systems
Inverters / Chargers
Wind Turbines

If you are already part of the solar affiliates movement and have an environmentally friendly affiliate program you would like me to promote here please get in contact with me. For more information and to sign up here to save the environment and become a one of the solar affiliates.

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