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Who is your Super Affiliate Guru?

When I think about who I would call my super affiliate guru, I think about Shawn Collins and Nadeem Azam.

Nadeem Azam is my super affiliate guru because he has been my friend for many years and I know that unlike lots of people who claim to be a super affiliate guru when they are not he really is a super affiliate super affiliate guru. Nadeem is one of the super affiliates in the UK as well as running the Azam Marketing affiliate management agency.

My other super affiliate guru Shawn Collins, a US super affiliate who run the Affiliate Summit affiliate marketing conferences. Affiliate Summit has set the standard for affiliate marketing conferences in the United States, and as a super affiliate guru, Shawn Collins has made that happen.

What do I mean by super affiliate guru? In addition to being active in the affiliate marketing field, I see someone as putting the super in super affiliate guru when they go above and beyond on a regular basis. Not just above and beyond in affiliate marketing sales or lead generation, though- a super affiliate guru has the affiliate program management, promotion, and networking skills to turn their personal success into something even bigger. And that is where the guru part of super affiliate guru comes in. A guru to me is someone who shares their knowledge with others and knows how to help other affiliates around them succeed. A super affiliate guru can take their personal success, scale it, and still have the time and energy to help other affiliates grow- hopefully on their way to becoming a super affiliate guru as well!

If you have a super affiliate guru please do let me know who they are and why they are a super affiliate guru.

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