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Twitter is all about communication, relationships and adding value. The conversations and people you meet create a strong Twitter community that we are seeing grow in both use an influence with affiliate marketing, digital marketing, business development and many other sectors. Beyond that, Twitter is an exciting new web communication tool for personal use. Being medium for mass communication people have developer Twitter Mass UnFollow Tool and Twitter Mass Unfollow Applications.

Ok, so all of that being said, what about those dozens or hundreds or thousands of people who are following you that you want to Mass UnFollow? Maybe you realize they are part of the reported 60% of Twitter users who start and then stop within a month, or maybe there is a certain area of messages you want to move away from, or maybe you just want to get your Twitter account down to a more manageable level: Twitter Mass UnFollow is the way to go.

So how do you do it?  Twitter Karma.

Twitter Karma is a powerful site that allows you to manage large numbers of people you Follow/ Followers. The most popular uses of the site would be to on Twitter mass unfollow the people who do not Follow you back or the opposite, to Follow all of your Followers that you aren’t already Following. Both can take a long time on the Twitter website. Twitter Karma makes the whole process more efficient for Twitter mass UnFollow or bulk Follow. The main uses are: 1. Unfollow twitter users that aren’t Following you, 2. Follow Twitter users who do Follow you, 3. Bulk Follow and Mass UnFollow options, 4. Sort users by type.

Making it Work: Twitter Karma Mass UnFollow  Tool or Bulk Follow
1.    Go to Twitter Karma
2.    Enter your Twitter ID and password
3.    Click the Whack! Button (you need to go to the site just for this feature!)
4.    After a few minutes, all of your Twitter Followers/ people you Follow will appear on the screen, sorted by the timing of their most recent update.
5.    Option: Sort the list alphabetically or by ascending or descending based on Twitter username.
6.    Filter: You can filter the list by:
a.    All Followers/ Following
b.    Only Followers
c.    Only Following

At this point you can unleash the power of Twitter Mass UnFollow and unfollow everyone in the “Only Following” category. Alternately, you could bulk follow those who are “Only Followers.” In either case, you can also be more selective. The Twitter Karma site is an easy interface to use once it has loaded.

This is a great tool for Twitter Mass UnFollow or bulk follow, or to make your Twitter Follower/Following management more efficient in general. http://huitter.com/ is another Twitter Mass UnFollow Application or Twitter Mass UnFollow Tool.

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