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Affiliate Merchant in Affiliate Marketing

What is a Merchant in affiliate marketing?
An Affiliate Merchant is an online business that markets and sells goods and/ or services. The Affiliate Merchant pays affiliates to find consumers who purchase a product, register for a service, fill out a form, or visit a Web site.

Examples of Affiliate Merchants are:
Merchant in affiliate – Amazon selling books and now all kinds of other items online. One of the beauties of affiliate marketing is that once you develop a loyal base of affiliates there is the opportunity to work with your affiliates to add additional products and services to your product range, which they then have the opportunity to sell.

Merchant in affiliate – Interrose.co.uk has a rose affiliate program and sells roses online. They ship them across the United Kingdom. Affiliates are paid per sale.

Merchant in affiliate – V5 Loans has an auto car loans affiliate program. Affiliates are paid when the consumer takes up the auto car loan.

Merchant in affiliate – PayDayFinders has a pay day loan Affiliate Program where affiliates are paid per lead.

Merchant in affiliate – Uniqueblogdesigns.com has an affiliate program for their blog design services. Most affiliate programs are for business to consumer products such as Books which are hard products or leads for mass consumer products. Affiliate programs for services are comparatively less well known, however, there is a growing trend in affiliate marketing for business to business services.

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