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American Platinum Financial Services, Credit Card Debt Settlemet, Foreclosure, Affiliate Program


Program helps people settle credit card and foreclosure debt.

American Platinum Financial Services, Credit Card Debt Settlemet, Foreclosure, Affiliate Program Program Overview:
They do all sales, negotiations and client services in-house. They will only sell you a lead once (not multiple times), thereby protecting your website’s reputation. They ensure that your leads receive top-notch customer service throughout the entire process.

American Platinum Financial Services, Credit Card Debt Settlemet, Foreclosure, Affiliate Program Program Benefits include:
Landing pages convert between 8% and 20%- Affiliates will have access to the highest converting landing page.

American Platinum Financial Services, Credit Card Debt Settlemet, Foreclosure, Affiliate Program Key Details:

Commission: $10
Action Referral Period: 45 days

Why Join this Program?
With over $6 Trillion in U.S. debt right now, this is a great market to be part of- help people manage their debt as well as make money for yourself!

Contact Info:
URL: http://www.americanpfs.com
Currency: USD

American Platinum Financial Services, Credit Card Debt Settlement, Foreclosure, Affiliate Program

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