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BlackBerry Video App from RealPlayer, BlackBerry RealPlayerSP App

BlackBerry Apps help you do more with your smart phone. If you love video and taking video wherever you go, this new BlackBerry app is for you. RealPlayerSP is a new BlackBerry App that puts the power of video right in the palm of your hand. The “SP” stands for “social/ portable,” and this BlackBerry app brings you one step closer to making video of all the important moments you life available to your social networks. It allows you to share video through social networking sites and move video onto your smart phone while preserving the desirable format.

Bacially RealPlayerSP lets you transfer video from your computer to your smart phone in a way that empowers you in the right format with the ability to share it through your BlackBerry- all the while saving you on charges and battery power because the files were downloaded to your computer first. For BlackBerry, RealPlayerSP converts video to the 1 Media Player that is standard on BlackBerry. Video and sound quality are both high and any microSD that supports a 16 GB card will empower you with expanded storage.

The best part is that RealPlayerSP enables you to share the video from your BlackBerry through email or onto social media sites like Twitter and Facebook.

You can download RealPlayerSP beta for free at www.realplayer.com.

The update to RealPlayerSP Plus is only $39.99.

BlackBerry Video App from RealPlayer, BlackBerry RealPlayerSP App

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