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Easy Roommate Roommate Finder, Roommate Finder, Roommate Finder Affiliate Program

Easyroommmate is the Leading online Flatshare / Flamate service in the UK. We have more than 190,000 ads with pictures and comments. We gather more than 1500 Flatmate profiles and Room ads every day.

Easy Roommate Roommate Finder, Roommate Finder, Roommate Finder Affiliate Program overview:

Commission £0.80
Cookie 365 days
Validation online

Why join the Easy Roommate Roommate Finder, Roommate Finder, Roommate Finder Affiliate Program ?

It is FREE to Advertise a room to rent, Flat to share and FREE to search for a Flat to rent or Share.
It is ideal for websites with a young, professional or student audience, but also very effective with Landlords.

Easy Roommate Roommate Finder, Roommate Finder, Roommate Finder Affiliate Program Info:


Easy Roommate Roommate Finder, Roommate Finder, Roommate Finder Affiliate Program Review

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10 comments on “Easy Roommate Roommate Finder, Roommate Finder, Roommate Finder Affiliate Program Review

  • It’s not that easy to find roommate that doesn’t delay payments and steal you when your out. My friend is very choosy in looking for roomamates because he ends up paying the rent and being steal.

  • Honestly, having a roommate is not that bad; especially if you find a roommate who is ideal for you. For one you are saving money, but if you happen to find a roommate you get along great with, you can make a friend for life. That alone is the best benefit of all!

  • When living with a roommate, you may feel safer than living alone. Even if you live in a quiet area, you might feel unsettled coming home to dark, empty rooms. With a roommate, you’ll have someone expecting you home by a certain time, and adding an extra measure of security to your apartment or house.

  • When you have a roommate, you always have someone to talk to. You’ll bond as you share the events of your daily lives, and whenever you have a crisis, you’ll have a friend there to help. If your personalities mesh well, your roommate will be there to listen and help you make decisions when you face difficult situations. And you’ll have the satisfaction of helping someone else in the same way, which ultimately will strengthen your friendship.

  • To benefit from a roommate relationship you need to be upfront and honest with each other. You should ask questions up front, discuss the living arrangements and work out a lifestyle compromises, such as when it is and isn’t acceptable to have guests over or play loud music. Roommates should also avoid making quick judgments about each other, gossiping about each other, and exhibiting hostile behavior during disagreements.

  • Roommate selection should be based upon the candidate’s behavior, and it is preferable to know that person prior to committing to live together. Many serious problems can be avoided by selecting someone who is a “good fit” in the first place. Living arrangements are especially challenging when roommates are assigned and not chosen, as in most college residence halls. For those situations when self-selection is not possible, keeping an open mind and communicating openly with the other person works best, especially when the roommates have very different lifestyles.

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