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Famous People on Facebook, Top Ten Famous People on Facebook by Fans

How can you measure fame? Well, one way is by the number of fans! Here are the most famous people on Facebook, according to the number of fans on their Fan Pages:

1. Michael Jackson, Musician 9,943,000+ Fans
The King of Pop is also the king of Facebook fans. His fan page numbers have skyrocketed since his recent death. In fact, there is even a separate RIP Michael Jackson fan page with 4,500,000+ fans of its own.

2. Barack Obama, Politician 6,478,000+ Fans
After utilizing social media as part of his successful 2008 U.S. Presidential campaign, Obama’s staff has maintained the page. It is now used to post periodic NOTES and videos related to his initiatives and policies.

3. Vin Diesel, Movie Star 5,000,000+ Fans
He takes personal care of the Facebook fan page and it’s a pretty amazing to see the fan comments on his Wall posts. And he keeps it consistent.

4. Megan Fox, Movie Star 4,000,000+ Fans
Transformers movie star with lots of sexy pictures and multimedia. Not very many actual posts over the past year and she doesn’t do her own updates.

5. Lady Gaga, Musician 3,422,000+ Fans
She does her own updates, about once/ day. She even posted a poem recently: “A poem for my fans: ‘in every minute of the day, the truth is that I’m dead, until I’m here on stage, with you, then I’m alive instead’-me”

6. Adam Sandler, Movie Star 3,300,000+ Fans
It borders on being just a Funny People advertisement, but there is a cool video of Adam Sandler doing standup.

7. Ashton Kutcher 2,852,000+ Fans
@aplusk makes the most famous people list on two social media forces: Twitter and Facebook. And he does each one separately, as in, neither feed feeds the other. And he does them personally. Amazing.

8. Rihanna, Musician 2,745,000+ Fans
She is a 19 year old pop sensation with multiple hits and a lot of press for all different reasons. All those fans and no actual posts from her or her PR people.

9. Jackie Chan, Movie Star 2,685,000+ Fans
Photos and videos for the last few months, which is interesting. It sort of looks like a normal, non-famous person’s Facebook page.

10. Roger Federer, Tennis Star 2,439,000+ Fans.
He’s all about it. Answering questions from fans, posting special Facebook video messages before and after his Wimbledon final match. And he’s the only athlete to crack the top ten.

Famous People on Facebook, Top Ten Famous People on Facebook by Fans

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