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Hypnosis Affiliate Program, Joseph Clough

On Friday I meet with Joseph Clough a Cambridge based hypnotist and hypnosis trainer. Joseph is trying to grow his business through online marketing and would like to start an hypnosis affiliate program.

Talking with Joseph he currently sells CD’s and downloads online and has the software in his shopping cart to facilitate an in-house affiliate program. He knows what affiliate marketing is but did not know what to do to get started.

He asked my opinion as to how to get started. My tip was to do for him to do his research first.
Google and look on forums for hypnosis affiliate program and see what your competitors were doing.
-This will give you a good idea of the competition that they offer and how they run their programs.
-It will let you know if there are any affiliate networks working in your field at the moment.
-Your site and landing pages will have to be at least as good or better than your competitors.
-It will give you a guide to how much commission you may have to pay out to affiliates on your hypnosis affiliate program.
If you are an affiliate looking for hypnosis affiliate program Joseph Cough would love to hear from you at http://www.josephclough.com/

“Joseph Clough is an international Trainer and Therapist whose goal in life is to help each person achieve their full potential. He combines advanced techniques of Neuro Linguistic Programming with Time Line Therapy ™ and Hypnotherapy.” http://www.josephclough.com/

Joseph is lucky he was on ITV1’s Tonight Show which means he gets lots of people searching for him.

Hypnosis Affiliate Program, Joseph Clough

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