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Lastminute Travel Blog Competition

The Lastminute travel blog competition offers the opportunity of a lifetime to trave the world on them and blog about it. If you want to be a famous blogger this is that oppertunity. Let’s face it Lastminute are going to PR the hell out of it and whoever wins the comp Lastminute travel blog competition s travel blog is going to be massive. You are almost garanteed a big travel blog.

How to enter the Lastminute travel blog competition? If you want to be considered for this role, send a photo of yourself having a seriously good time on holiday accompanied by a review of no more than 200 words, describing your experience, to [email protected] by July 15th, 2009 so there are only a few days left to get your email in!

Read the full detail here http://blog.lastminute.com/2009/06/25/this-could-be-the-summer-of-your-life/

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