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Link Love, Free link love, How to Get Link Love

Link Love, and free link love are very important in growing your blog. Getting links in from other website especially other blogs will help you rank in search engines. One of the key thinks I have learned since I started blogging is that getting some Link love, especially free link love has helped make my blog what it is today. Once of the key drivers I have found for getting free links is by linking to other bloggers as I blog I find that they link back to me. This sounds like a simple concept but it works, it works, it works and it is suppressing how few bloggers do it.

Joetech is great at this. Every Friday he has his Bookmark Friday and links back to people who link to him. Amazing you say, what a concept. Want a link back, link to www.joetech.com

Thank you for Book Marking me this Friday Joetech and inspiring this Link Love post!
Who gives good link love?

If you blog them will they blog you back? Here are some bloggers who I have found give back when you blog them.


Want to be on this list? Blog  me and I will blog you back 🙂

How to do Link Love? Stephanie Lichtenstein gets it Affiliate Marketing News

What am I saying and what is this about?
I am not suggesting that you just link to this page and I will link back to you, that is a bit crude and Google will not link it. These are bloggers I have interview, posted about or linked to and they have found a natural way to blog me back or blog about my site. I.e. they had posted I have been interviewed etc.

Link Love wanted? You could link to this post and email me mrn (at) murraynewlands (dot) com

Link Love, Free link love, How to Get Link Love

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