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Log Book Loans, Car Loans, Loans Affiliate Program Review

Logbook Loans have been in existence offering car loans for over 8 years and currently manage in excess of 10 million pounds worth of car loans for its customer base. They service the whole of the UK and thousands of customers are benefitting from their straight forward transparent lending model. – Logbook Loans offer a car loan which is secured against the value of a vehicle using the log book. This could be a car loans, van loans, motorbike lonas or anything which has a logbook!

Log Book Loans Affiliate Program Key Details:
Commission: £10
Action Referral Period: 60 days
Average Validation time is 10 days

Why Join this Log Book Loans Affiliate Program?
Logbook Loans offer a highly competitive £10 per valid lead on the programme. All valid leads consist of a genuine applicant with genuine contact details that must own a car under 10 years old, which is free of finance.

Log Book Loans Affiliate Program Contact Info:
Log Book Loans Car Loan UK Applications only

Richard Wright
email – [email protected]

or Thomas Jones
[email protected]

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Log Book Loans, Car Loans, Loans Affiliate Program Review

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