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Marketing on Facebook, Marketing on Facebook for Business Growth

Murray Newlands Affiliate Marketing and Social Media

I recently read that marketing on Facebook drives celebrity blogger Perez Hilton blog seven million page views a day.

Facebook with it’s pervasive reach into the lives of everyone from the office junior to the CEO interacting in conversations and use for group activities such as events is a social media space in businesses can no longer afford to have a footprint and contact point let alone an active engagement. To this end I decided to start to develop the footprint for my blog.

I twitter my blog posts by hand using Tweetdeck and they are also posted by it to Facebook which updates my Facebook status so I get some traffic to my blog at the moment from Facebook.
However I want to increase the traffic I get from Facebook and start marketing on Facebook more.
I decided to set up a Fan Page on twitter in my own name. Most of my contact on Facebook know me either professionally or though my work. Therefore my blog posts and relevant content for them. So what did I do I setup my Facebook Fan Page. My blog is in my own name and therefore I decided to setup the fan page in my own name too.

So far I have added my RSS feed to the Facebook page and started to marketing on Facebook and Twitter to attract more people to it.

How am I marketing it on Facebook?
-I have invited all the relevant friends I have on my personal account to join it.
-I have placed an Advert on Facebook. I carefully selected the user types against those who I had interests in the areas I was interested joining my group and set the CPM as low as possible to make sure that I was getting the best possible return. I am keeping the CPM  low becouse I want to grow the Fan page but I am in no hurry.

Marketing on Facebook, Marketing on Facebook for Business Growth

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