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Nail Printing Inspirationail Tam


Tam was one of the people I meet at Pubcon London yesterday. Pubcon was full of large companies however it also had its little ones too. Tam runs a small niche site providing nail printing, nail parties and providing nail accessories. One of the great things about a comparatively small networking group of people with a quite focused interest is that it provides an opportunity for someone like Tam to meet some of the top people in SEO in a friendly and non intimidating environment. When I spoke to her she had gained a lot by attending it. If you have a business and a thinking of going to Pubcon next year I would it is well worth it no matter what size you are.

Nail Printing Inspirationail Tam

Edit – Adition – And this is the thanks I get from Paige Filler 😉

Although those knocking her size should be careful.

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