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Optimum Prepaid Card, Prepaid Card, Prepaid Card Affiliate Program Review


Become a Optimum Prepaid Card affiliate today – Optimum Prepaid Card are Britain’s leading prepaid network, running programmes for amongst others; Virgin Money, Western Union, Mirror Group Newspapers and Debenhams. Optimum Prepaid Card do this through building a leading prepaid platform and strong business relationships which are sustainable and work for all parties.

Optimum Prepaid Card affiliation schemes: Optimum, SplashPlastic

Coming soon: Other 360money prepaid Maestro and MasterCard programmes

Optimum Prepaid Card, Prepaid Card, Prepaid Card Affiliate Program Details:

Commission: 6 pounds
Action Referral Period: 30 days
Average Validation time is 27 days

Why Join this Optimum Prepaid Card, Prepaid Card, Prepaid Card Affiliate Program?

Three great reasons to take on Optimum:
1. High Commissions for you!
2. An extremely attractive, focussed product offering to take to market
3. Affiliate friendly website and application process, with a focussed CRM campaign designed to make the customer validate their card.

Optimum Prepaid Card, Prepaid Card, Prepaid Card Affiliate Program Contact Info:

Optimum Prepaid Card, Prepaid Card, Prepaid Card Affiliate Program Review

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