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Remind4u greetings cards, greetings cards, greetings cards Affiliate Program Review

Remind4u offers an innovative and convenient way of sending greetings cards, posters and calendars and a huge range of gifts. A free reminder service will alert you via text or email of an imminent event and then it’s only a click away to send a unique card! Each card can be personalised in seconds producing a professional and personal greeting.

Remind4u greetings cards, greetings cards, greetings cards Affiliate Program Details:

Commission: 15%
Action Referral Period: 90 days
Average Validation time is online

Why join the Remind4u greetings cards, greetings cards, greetings cards Affiliate Program?

Most cards are designed in house and cover the full range typically found in the high street shops. Exclusive designs are also available due to deals allowing the use of The Beatles, Elvis Presley and BBC Top Gear’s The Stig. Signed images from 5 major premiership football clubs including Manchester United and Tottenham Hotspur are also available, providing a range that supercedes many others in exclusivity and variety. Posters and calendars follow the theme of the cards, a massive range of gift ideas including flowers, champagne, hampers and experience days finish the product range making Remind4u the only online source you need for those special dates.

Remind4u greetings cards, greetings cards, greetings cards Affiliate Program Info:

[email protected]

Remind4u greetings cards, greetings cards, greetings cards Affiliate Program Review

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Remind4u greetings cards, greetings cards, greetings cards Affiliate Program Review

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Remind4u greetings cards, greetings cards, greetings cards Affiliate Program Review

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Remind4u greetings cards, greetings cards, greetings cards Affiliate Program Review

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