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Social Media Conference: Social TV Forum London

Social Media Conference that focuses on online TV- where do you find one of those? Look no further than London. Social technologies are playing a larger and larger role in all of our everdyday lives. People around the world are using Twitter, MySpace, Facebook, blogs and other social media networks to connect with each other and share media.

One place that social media has yet to explode is as part of the television world. Social TV is hosting a forum conference to look at the present status of social TV, what the newest developments and difficulties are in regart to social TV, and what to expect in the future.

The Social TV Forum Conference will take place in London on 28 & 29 September 09.

Topics will include:

• How Global brands utilize a social networking framework.
• Learn about tools and products for Web 2.0 functionality.
• How social media can improve employee satisfaction and output.
• How Enterprise 2.0 can improve efficiency within your business network.
• The latest corporate social networking software tools and resources.

Social TV Forum Conference Speakers include:
Mike Bennet, Creative Director, Oil
Kate Bradshaw, Head of Online Commissioning, ITV
Dan Cryan, Head of Broadband, Screen Digest
Triona Campbell, Director & Founder, Cambell Ryan Productions
Ian Mullins, CEO, Yamgo
Digby Lewis, UK Country Manager, Dailymotion
Adrian Swift, Chief Creative Officer, etv
Jonnie Turpie, Digital Media Director, Maverick TV
Damien Byrne, Head of Entertainment, T-Mobile
Pasa Mustafa, Head of Digital Studios, Endemol
Kelly Sweeney, Head of Original Productions, Bebo UK
Rahul Chakkara, Controller of TV Platforms, BBC
Rachael Antony, Manager Acquisitions, Commissions & Community, LonelyPlanet.TV
Philip Bourchier O’Ferrall, SVP, Digital Media for MTV Networks UK & Ireland
Anthony Rose, Controller, Vision & Online Media Group, BBC
Laurence Billiet, General Manager & Publisher, Metropolis & Our Earth, Babelgum

Tickets for the conference cost £395 but there is an Early Booking Discount before 28 August.

Go to www.social-tv.net  or call the booking hotline on +44 (0) 117 321 8303
Or email Richard Blythe for more information – [email protected]

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