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Swine flu in UK, swine flu in UK finally got me in London and I brought it back to Cambridge.

Yesterday I went to an event in London. There were people coughing on the train and the tube and at the event. I woke up this morning and the swine flu in UK has finally caught hold of me. I was going to travel to German to be best man at the wedding of James G. Evans.

Now I am stuck at home. I called the help line and have been told that if my temperature goes above 38 they will give me some pills but that all they do is reduce the symptoms. They do not stop the flu.
My neighbors have been very good . The volunteered to get some food and leave it out side. They left some food in a bad outside the front door and phoned to say it was there. They have even told me that they will bring me a hot meal tonight. Do you know someone with Swine flu in UK and could you be helping the? I feel like I have created my own special little leper colony, just for me. Lucky me!

On Saturday I got a lucky break and an interview with Dragons’ Den Doug Richard because there speaker was out with swine flu so I can see the positive in it all.
What could we do to reduce the spread of Swine Flu in the UK?
Swine flu in UK prevention

1 If you get swine flu in UK stay at home and isolate yourself.

2 If you think that you have Swine flu in UK stay at home and isolate yourself, which is very important to stop it spreading.

3 If you know someone else with swine flu in UK help them stay at home isolated by delivering them food and drink.

4 We could all ware those paper masks you see in Japan

5 Washing your hands regularly and not shaking hands is probably a very good idea.

How could we stop the swine flu in UK

4 comments on “Swine flu in uk, Swine flu in uk finally got me in London

  • Hi, hope you are feeling better soon. It is good that you at least have some kind people bringing you food (even though they have left it outside 🙂
    How high is you temperature at the moment? NHS direct convinced that if you have little or no temperature it can not be swine flu. I am not sure they are right though.
    My partner was diagonosed with swine flu after being in close contact with somebody who has recently recovered from the ilness but still had some cold symptoms.
    My partner was suffering the classic case of swine flu, but three days later I got ill also. I had every symptom he had including headache, cough,
    extreme tiredness,
    aching muscles,
    joint pain,
    stomach upset,
    sore throat,
    runny nose,
    loss of appetite and feeling like I was run over by a train. But I did not have fever. I called NHS direct and was told that what I have is just a cold and therefore there was not need for me to worry. What a strange conicidence that while looking after a person with swine flu I get almost the same symptoms, in the exact order and lasting one week also but apparently it is something totaly different!
    Any way, my partner is better now and I am almost ok, today is the first day I dont’t have a headache. Not sure if NHS are on the right track with the fever thing though…
    When I called my GP for advise for this so called cold I was told not to come to surgery just in case.

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