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Top 10 Blogs About Blogging, Most Popular Blogs about Blogging

Bloggers blogging about blogging, and not only that, the best bloggers blogging about the best blogs in the blogosphere-
How about this blogger blogging about the best bloggers out there blogging about blogging for bloggers in the blogosphere. Ok, enough blahg-blahg-blahg.

Here are my Top Ten Blogs About Blogging:

1. ProBlogger
If you want to make money blogging, you should read this blog from Darren Rowse. It’s been around for years and has an amazing archive of information. He keeps it fresh and updated with news, info and tips- including a weekly video post. Can’t say enough.

2. Copyblogger
With the tagline “Copywriting tips for online marketing success,” Copyblogger has a lot of material to cover. The blog does it and does it well- a fantastic resource for how to write, what to write, and how to make everything you write on the web better.

3. Daily Blog Tips
Blog about blogging written by Daniel Scocco, who has been developing blogs and websites since 2005. He shares what he has learned along the way on Daily Blog Tips.

4. Chris Garrett
Chris Garrett writes a fantastic blog about “The Business of Blogging and New Media.” He always has intelligent, thought-provoking and insightful things to say about the world of blogging. As he says: “The aim is to teach you ways you can create compelling resources, provide your audience more value, build trust and loyalty, and generate more rewards for yourself.”

5. BlogWrite for CEOs
This blog is aimed at corporate executives from the author of “The Corporate Blogging Book: Absolutely Everything You Need to Know to Get it Right.” She writes about social media and corporate, CEO, and executive blogging.

6. The Blog Herald
The Blog Herald was founded by Duncan Riley in 2003 and is all about blog news for bloggers. It has the distinction of being the oldest and longest running site of its kind.

7. Bloggers Blog
As they say in an accurate tongue-twister: “Blogging the Blogosphere: reporting on blogging news and trends.” Basic page layout with up to date info on quirky and interesting news in the blog world.

8. John Chow
John Chow is a blogger who makes money blogging by telling people how to make money blogging. If you want to know, read his blog.

9. Lorelle on WordPress
Lorelle keeps a blog about WordPress with help, tips, advice and techniques to best use WordPress.com Fantastic resources in the archive and all the newest about WordPress and WordCamp developments.

10. Alister Cameron
Alister Cameron calls himself a “Blogologist.” In other words, his blog is the study of blogging- as close as it gets to an academic perspective on the world of blogging. He writes with insight about blogging and social media and looks at the forest rather than the trees in the blogosphere.

Top 10 Blogs About Blogging, Most Popular Blogs about Blogging

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