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Top 10 Online Marketing Blogs and Best Online Marketing Blogs Reviews

Online marketing is such a wide term- and later I will publish a separate top ten for affiliate marketing blogs, so if you don’t see someone you expected to see on this list, check back next week for the top ten affiliate marketing blogs.

I am involved in online marketing and my guess is that many of you are as well. Online marketing is evolving by the day, from strategy to costs to opportunities and innovation. To keep up with all of that, you need to read a lot, and where else to find out about online marketing but online?

Here are my Top Ten Online Marketing Blogs:

1. Micro Persuasion
Awesome! On cutting edge of social media as it applies to marketing and the future of public relations, Personal Branding, and everything related to digital marketing. Steve has been doing what he does for over 15 years and offers great perspective and insight around how new media is transforming marketing and public relations.

2. Dosh Dosh
Dosh Dosh is about internet marketing and social media, and more specifically how to make money doing it. Dosh Dosh has a huge archive giving you the rundown on what works and what doesn’t. They show you who’s legit and expose the scams. Great resource.

3. Pronet Advertising
Written by blogger Neil Patel, this blog is full of easy/fun to read posts about marketing strategy. He covers multiple platforms, including blogs, social media networks and SEO.

4. Online Marketing Blog
Very worthy of its straightforward name, the Online Marketing Blog posts daily with information, resources and a heavy dose of insight around everything about online marketing, from SEO and social media to blogging and the brave new world of online public relations. I really enjoy reading posts from Lee Odden.

5. PR 2.0
PR 2.0 blogger Brian Solis is all over the online marketing and PR world. He is one of the original thought leaders who heralded the social media movement, and he continues to write about new developments and integration of social media, public relations and Internet marketing on this blog. He has also come out with some amazing visual maps of Twitter in recent months. Well worth checking out.

6. B.L. Ochman’s Weblog
For practical, on the ground (well, on the Web) opportunities that you may not findo out about yourself, The What’s Next Blog is a great resource. Ochman keeps you informed of what new media, tools, and marketing opportunities are on the way for your blog. He tries to tell you which ones aren’t worth your time, too, which can be almost as valuable.

7. The Buzz Bin
The Buzz Bin is a blog about blogs, wikis, social networks and everything else that is new and transformative in the world of online marketing and communications from a successful, independent Social Media PR firm in Washington. Great insight from a team inside the game.

8. Neville Hobson
Neville Hobson is a UK blogger and podcaster who writes about integrated business, communication and technology in the online world. Another great blog from someone in the industry.

9. Conversation Agent
Online marketing is more than SEO and banner ads, and blogger Valeria Maltoni knows it. Her blog is about how content, delivery and customers are converging to create a new dynamic in the future of what marketing and work in general means.

10. Converstations
Again, coming from the angle that online marketing and communications is a conversation, blogger Mike Sansone writes about blogs and conversational copywriting as a way for businesses to communicate with their customers in the Converstations blog.

Top Ten Online Marketing Blogs and Best Online Marketing Blogs Reviews

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