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Top Ten Twitter Blogs

Twitter blogs for Twitter users. If you use Twitter you know that there is always something going on and always something new to learn. Here are some of my favorite Twitter blogs to keep you up on everything from the first question of What is Twitter ? to the exciting Twitter trends to new Twitter apps to the mundane but necessary status updates of Twitter.

Top 10 Twitter Blogs:
1. Twitter Company Blog
Twitter blog about Twitter by Twitter people. Information about everything from new company developments to downtime scheduling.

2. Twitter Sweet!
Innovative new uses for Twitter across the Internet. Great posts and always good links.

3. Mashable
Mashable writes about all kinds of social media but they have the best “How To” section around on Twitter and they consistently post about all relevant Twitter news.

4. Twitter Feed
TwitterFeed is an app that enables you to feed your blog into Twitter. Their blog keeps you updated on all the new developments of their service.

5. Twitter Status Blog
Twitter blog about infrastructure with service status updates. Great for keeping up with techie Twitter news.

6. Evan Carmichael
This blog is for small business owners with a wealth of information about how to utilize social media and some great Twitter articles.

7. The Jeff Pulver Blog
Great blog about social media in general- Jeff Pulver just hosted a Twitter Conference called 140 Characters in New York City and his blog is a great place to read about what is happening in the Twitterverse.

8. The Parnassus Group Twitter Conference Blog
The Parnassus Group in California hosted a Twitter conference in May and will host another in September (2009). They have great updates on Twitter research and a lot of information about the Twitter community.

9. Everything Twitter
Great resource for new apps, tools, and services built around Twitter.

10. MurrayNewlands.com
(Full disclosure: I write MurrayNewlands.com!)- I keep you up to date on new Twitter apps, Twitter conference and everything else Twitter that is changing the affiliate marketing world!

Top Ten Twitter Blogs

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