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 Accessible Twitter optimized for disabled Twitter users

If you are a Twitter user with a disability, the interface can be difficult depending on the computer you use and finding Twitter apps to help can be difficult. Especially for blind or hearing impaired users, Twitter can present unique usability challenges. But that does not mean that it is unusable by any means. But the world of Twitter apps has come up with a solution- more specifically, Web Overhauls has a new Twitter App called Accessible Twitter.

Twitter Apps: Accessible Twitter

Accessible Twitter, a new Twitter App created by Dennis Lembrée of Web Overhauls, empowers anyone to use Twitter. Web Overhauls is a web development company specializing in web standards, usability, and accessibility.
Accessible Twitter is an alternative to Twitter.com and optimized for disabled Twitter users- the app is currently in Alpha.

Dennis Lembrée writes on the Accessible Twitter About page:
“Web accessibility is for everyone, not only for the 10% or so of folks with some type of disability, but also for those with technical limitations such as low-band connections, a broken mouse, and blocked JavaScript. That said, the most obvious [users] are the visually impaired, especially blind users.”

The app is compatible with all major Internet browsers and utilizes a consistent layout for simple navigation. All text features and color contrast options are optimized for screen readers and audio cues alert the user when nearing the character limit.

Twitter apps continue to make Twitter a more powerful and versatile way to communicate in real-time, and twitter apps like Accessible Twitter bring that power and versatility to a greater user base.

For more about Accessible Twitter, visit: http://www.accessibletwitter.com

Twitter Apps: Accessible Twitter optimized for disabled Twitter users

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