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What is an affiliate, What is an affiliate, is it an Alien?

Affiliates are aliens from a strange planet somewhere left of Uranus. NOT.
Affiliates are people not “It.”

What is an affiliate? A person or company who is going to make you money!

An affiliate is a website owner who earns a commission for referring clicks, leads, or sales to a merchant.
What is an affiliate? An affiliate is someone just like you. Some of your best friends are affiliates, or maybe you would like them to be your friends. Think of affiliate businesses just like businesses of any other type. It is true that you can start an affiliate business with very little overhead from your bedroom but they can grow very fast from there. There are lots of one man band affiliates in affiliate marketing. There are also large corporations that started as one man band affiliates companies. There are also large companies that become affiliates because they have lots of website traffic and it makes sense for them to get into.

Approach affiliates just like you would any other business partner. Yes, with caution: you do not know anything about that partner. Google them and find out more information. There are some affiliates who are very informal and like to be approached in an informal way. There are other affiliates who are very formal and would much prefer a standard business-like approach.

There are some affiliate companies that drive millions of pounds of sales per month for merchants.
What is an affiliate? I the writer of this affiliate marketing blog am an affiliate.

What is an affiliate, What is an affiliate, is it an Alien?

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