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Tell me about your company?

AffiliatePLY.com is an interactive Affiliate Network based on a video platform that links online advertisers and publishers, and enables both parties to enjoy direct action monetization by using videos as marketing content, instead of banners.

Utilizing the power of video to significantly boost web hits and user interest, AffiliatePLY.com revenue system is based on Cost per Action (CPA) and Cost per Lead (CPL) results and actual revenue to the advertiser and affiliates.

Affiliates can choose from a selection of videos provided by our advertisers, which is simply embedded at their site.

The embedded videos include an interactive, clickable and trackable action-based layer which enables viewers to be directed to the advertiser’s landing page.

Affiliates are compensated based on actions, as defined by the advertiser (leads and sales).

It is new and unique network, which empowers affiliates who embed video from the network to attract greater traffic to their websites, maximize their search engine presence as web videos appear among the first search results and generate payments based on the action they drive to the advertisers. Video provides great content to your users and increases the engagement and time spent on their website.

Also, it is know that video content has better CTR and conversion rate than banners, text links and other traditional media.

For an example, go to http://www.affiliateply.com/overview.asp

How did you get into affiliate marketing?

I’ve been involved in Affiliate Marketing for over four years. I had started as VIP Affiliate Manager at 888.com, which is one of the largest online gambling operators in the world. It has been the best school for online adverting and of the affiliate industry.

Then I was holding the position of Affiliate Director at Duplicate Poker, which is a skill based online poker. I built the program from scratch, and was responsible for building the program, doing sales and lead generation, and managing the entire operation.

I’ve been taking part in all the Affiliate’s industry biggest summits and conventions, and also conventions such as SES (Search Engine Strategies), Ad Tech, Web Master World etc.

I have a deep knowledge of the online and affiliate marketing world, search engines and the internet in general.

After four years in the online gambling industry, I had decided I need a change, and joined AffiliatePLY.com, as I love the idea behind, the fact that it is a unique network and I believe there is a great a potential here.

Reading and learning about online and affiliate marketing, I came across more and more articles and researches about the power of online video ads and content, and the growing use and interest in it, but both advertisers and users.

AffiliatePLY.com is the only network that offers performance based commission based on the use of videos by affiliates.

What was your biggest challenge getting into affiliate marketing?

Learn how to think as affiliate, what affiliates are looking for, what users are looking for…But now I know J

What are the main things merchants do that you wish they wouldn’t?

I like working with the various merchants, and see how creative those people can be.

Never run into one that made you wish I didn’t….

What are the main things affiliates do that you wish they wouldn’t?

I love working with affiliates. I am in this business as I like it.

I also meet new and interesting affiliates from various industries, and learning something from each of them.

The only think I can think about is that I’ll be happy if affiliates will be more responsive to e-mails and offers.

Where do you see growth in the affiliate field?

I believe the health and beauty industry is growing, especially in the US, and so is the Forex industry, worldwide. We work with many Forex advertisers and see a great demand for it.

I think that also on the marketing methods side of things there is a change – less banners than before, and movement toward rich media ads such as videos. Videos contain ads, content (for example, we have videos with daily Forex news, that are getting updated automatically on the affiliates’ sites daily), and tutorial/ instructional, so every affiliate can utilize it according to his targeted market and users.

Written content is also becoming more and more presence as affiliates and advertisers’ are recognizing its importance, both as sales factor and for SEO purposes.

What new ideas are advertisers coming up with to take advantage of new traffic sources?

Social marketing

Reach Media

Hidden messages and indirect advertising

More targeted adverting as semantic advertising, personal approach – forums and communities

Interactive web sites

Sponsorship of events

Special events for loyal customers and affiliates

What do you do that is green?

Recycle, don’t use sprays, not using products that had been tested on animals etc.

What is one thing about you that not many people know?

I love sport, and I started doing Triathlons.

What is on your iPod?

Madonna and electronic music for when I run at the park, Chill out music when I want to chill out, Israeli music – a lot of it.

What’s your favorite book?

The Bird of Soul – it is an Israel children’s book that I received when I was 6 years old.

What are your contact details (email, company, blog, facebook, myspace, forums etc) ?

Liat Fuchs

Company: AffiliatePLY

e-mail: liat @ affiliateply.com

Office – USA: 1-347-535-0759

Office – Israel: +972-(0)77 961 3544

Skype: liatfuchs

What events do you go to?

I like music, so I try to go to concerts and shows, more of the intimate kind, rather than big stadiums shows.

I like the theater, and especially do friends gathering, and spend time with my friends.

What one thing can people do to help you?

Mmmm…I am good. Got everything I need and want.

But there is something. It’s not to me specifically, but more to us, as humans, I guess. Stop fighting and killing – we only live once, so why waste it on hatred?

Stop abusing and killing animals and destroy the earth and nature.

And of course – sign up with AffiliatePLY.com and drive us lots of traffic J

Affiliate Marketing Video with Affiliate Director Liat Fuchs of Affiliate PLY

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