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Where do bloggers go to talk about blogging? Blogger Forums. In addition to twittering, posting, commenting and talking about it at blogger meetups and conferences, bloggers still use online forums to share and learn about blogging. On Monday there was a list about where to find blogging work, this one is about where to talk to other bloggers once you are blogging. Here are some of the best:
Blogger Forums Top Ten

1. Blog Catalog

A great forum with thousands of participants and multiple same-day responses, this forum has a clean and fun layout with good conversation, good advice and good links.

2. Authority Blogger

Hosted by vBulletin, Authority Blogger has dozens of threads and hundreds of posts with quality information. Most all of them looked to be currently active.
3.  Bloggeries

Many many thousands of posts, great conversations and still active.

4. The Blog Experiment

Not as much activity as the top 3, which brings in a different crowd and may be what you are looking for. They have an interesting chat room for bloggers who want to talk about anything besides blogging.

5. Blogging Tips

Most of the threads are active and recently updated. A great “Theme Support” discussion thread.

6. Digital Point

Phenomenal and very high traffic discussion groups about SEO, Marketing and Business as they relate to blogging.

7. Blogger Forum

They got the url, and they’ve also got a smaller but very active community of bloggers. Most of the threads on the homepage had been updated the day the forum was checked, most others during the month of August.

8. Blogger Talk… for the masses

This one is aimed at the general audience, not just at bloggers. Think of it as a great way to answer some questions and meet new people- if they know enough to get to a forum about blogs meant for the masses, they’ll probably appreciate an answer or a hello and visit your blog!

9. Bloggst

An old forum that isn’t active much anymore, but still has a vast store of useful conversations and knowledge. Worth checking out.

10. Freelanceblogger.net

This forum combines the conversation of a blogging forum with the ability of bloggers to post what they write about and the kind of blog work they are looking for.

Blogger Forums Top Ten


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