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Freelance bloggers need to find work and consistently look for clients to write for and places to publish their work. Posting their expertise on a blogging forum or visiting a blogging forum where potential jobs are listed is a key source of work for most freelance bloggers. Here are some of the best places to seek or find work:

Blogging Forum Top Ten

1. Freelance Blogger
This blogging forum is primarily a place for bloggers to post listings of themselves about what their expertise is. Blogs also publish calls for niche topic and content bloggers- a fantastic resource focused on freelance bloggers who are established and desire more work.

2. ProBlogger Job Board
Hosted at ProBlogger, one of the top blogging for bloggers sites on the Internet by Darren Rowse, this job board focuses on posting blogging jobs. It’s definitely worth a visit if you are a blogger looking for more work. Updated frequently.

3. WordPress Jobs
Hosted by one of the top blogging software’s out there, WordPress Jobs posts jobs for designers, programmers, bloggers and upgrade jobs. They tend to have a few new updates daily, but you know the ones on there are good jobs.

4. Blogger Jobs
This site posts jobs with extensive descriptions, almost like blog entries in and of themselves. They are infrequent but thorough, and a good place to keep in your RSS feed of new work possibilities.

5. Craigslist
One of the standard job sites for freelancers on the Internet, Craigslist posts are about everything- but the “Writing” Jobs section and the “Writing” gigs section have a wealth of opportunities for freelance bloggers. They also have a section where you can post your resume for employers who are looking for specific kinds of writers.

6. MomDot
If you are a Mommy blogger and want a great set of pitches from PR people, this is the site for you.

7. Performancing
This is a forum about how to be a better blogger and they offer some great tips that are designed to help grow your blogging business and or your workload.

8. Bloggers For Hire
A good forum for people to talk about the blogging world and the administrator posts frequently about the evolving blogger job market.

9. Jobster
This is a general job site, like Monster.com, but had over 550 jobs listed in the blogging category when I searched.

10. Bloggeries Forum
High traffic blogger forum where writers go to discuss the finer points of blogging, from SEO to social media. There are thousands of threads and posts and a heavy international use.

Blogging Forum Top Ten


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