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CrispAds is the Affiliate Marketing Network of the Intela performance-based media company.



CrispAds specialise in working with UK merchant providing large scale customer acquisition programmes. I have personally worked with Jim Mansfield and Jenifer Mansfield for a number of years and am impressed by the continuity of great offers they work with. Crispads provide a high level of quality of service affiliates. CrispAds truly understand that affiliate marketing is about building strong relationships as well as the detail of affiliate marketing.

CrispAds Affiliate Network for Affiliate Merchant Advertisers, CrispAds say:
“CrispAds, a division of Intela, is the leading US and international CPA network, connecting you to hundreds of international publishers boosting your performance-based campaigns.”

CrispAds Affiliate Network for Affiliate Merchant Advertisers, Murray Newlands says:
I have run a large number of campaigns with over several years with CrispAds which have always been successful gaining momentum fast within their network. CrispAds have always provided quality traffic unsurpassed by others.

CrispAds Affiliate Network for Affiliates, CrispAds say:
“The CrispAds Network understands the meaning of a strong business partnership.”

CrispAds Affiliate Network for Affiliate Merchant Advertisers, Murray Newlands says:
CrispAds team come from the affiliate world and they are large affiliates in their own right. This pedigree shines through in the company’s ethos of taking care of their affiliates and building long term value based relationships.

CrispAds use a tailored version of the Direct Track software so the user interface is familiar to most affiliates.

What would I say about Jim Mansfield, one word Integrity.

You can sign up at www.crispads.com/


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