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Whether English culture, football or travel, there are many amazing blogs about everything that England has to offer. Here are some of the best:

1. We’re British, Innit

Written by Iain Aitch, author of a book by the same name, this blog is his perspective with wit and insight into the culture and politics of England.

2. Lady Who Lunches

An ex-pat blog by a writer and former actress who chronicles her move to England and her now 3 years of ex-pat life.

3. Lonely Planet

The best and most up to date information if you are looking to travel to England.

4. Made in England

A great blog of the creative and the visually interesting that comes out of England.

5. England Football

This one is about everything that is England football and everything leading up to the 2012 World Cup.

6. Dear England: A Letter From America

“I’m Matt Fullerty, 7 years deep in my American adventure. Got my PhD. Swapped my American agent for a British one. Am I British or American at this point?”

7. Blogging Brits

A great resource where bloggers from all over England put together posts.


The web presence of the British Broadcasting Corporation, one of the leading news sources not only for England but for the entire world.

9. Biased BBC Blog

And then there is this blog, with everything that could be biased about BBC reporting.

10. David Beckham Blog

I mean, he doesn’t live in England or play for and English team anymore, but still, somehow, he is on the list.

England Blogs Top Ten


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