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Facebook Marketing, 5 Facebook Marketing Tools You Should Be Using

Once you have created your Facebook Profile and Fan Page for your business or blog it’s time to start marketing. There are plenty of tools to use and you should explore what works best for you and your message and target market. Regardless, these are:
5 Facebook Marketing Tools You Should Be Using

1. Facebook Ads: With over 250 Million users and tons of demographic info on each, Facebook is the ideal place to use for demographically targeted advertising. The ads are unobtrusive on the right side of the page and mix well with the general Facebook interface design. From a marketing standpoint, the best thing about Facebook Ads is that you can input the information about your target demographic and Facebook will display your ad to the right of all of their profiles. With a banner ad you hope the people you want to reach see your ads. With a Facebook ad you know they will.

2. Inside Facebook: Their tagline is “Tracking Facebook and the Facebook Platform for Developers and Marketers.” They are an independent blog out of Palo Alto with this stated purpose: “Leading application developers and social networks – We’re here to help developers and social networking entrepreneurs stay on top of the latest changes in the Facebook Platform, tracking every change to Platform APIs, policies, and viral channels.” They can help.

3. Facebook Badge: The Facebook Badge http://www.facebook.com/help/new_user_guide.php is a Facebook banner link that you can put on any other website or blog, ideal for directing people to your chosen Facebook page. It’s a great way to extend your Facebook reach beyond Facebook in a recognizable, one-click and you’re there format. Facebook also has specific policies on how to promote your Facebook page off of Facebook on their Facebook Guidelines page http://www.facebook.com/pages/manage/promo_guidelines.php

4. Facebook Insights Facebook Insights are fantastic metrics designed to help you understand who is using your profile or fan page, how and how often. The best part about it is that it’s free. Facebook aggregates your visitor data and gives you all of the information both in text and with graphs. It’s like having a built-in advertising agency giving you up to date reports on how your campaign is going.

5. Facebook Polls: Want to know what people who are active online influencers are thinking about your brand or company? Or about anything else related to your newest product or service? Facebook polls are a simple and easy way to reach your target demographic and get their opinions in real time. Check out the Facebook Advertising page for more information. http://www.facebook.com/advertising/

Facebook Marketing, 5 Facebook Marketing Tools You Should Be Using


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