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New York City. Too much to see and do in a lifetime, but if you want to get a headstart or the lowdown on what to check out right now in the moment, whether you are there for business or pleasure, these are the blogs to check.

1.    The Gothamist
NYC. Gotham. News and dispatches with a great Theme all to be found here. Form the Yankees to construction to the food to the arts. Enjoy.
2.    Eater
Scouring New York City for the best in culinary enjoyment. Very tapped into the scene and great reading.
3.   Vulture
With a tagline like “Devouring Culture,” you know it will be good- especially if that culture is all that there is to see and do and live in New York City.

4.    New York Daily Photo
Great blog from a long-time New Yorker who takes great pictures to share the goings on in the city. Often includes fun commentary.
5. Overheard in New York
This is a fun blog whose authors reprint funny conversations they hear in and around New York City.
6. NY Barfly
“A sophisticate’s guide to drinking and debasement.” Great intro. And the blog delivers.
7. Curbed: The New York City Neighborhoods and Real Estate Blog
Covering the neighborhoods of New York City with a nod to the many shiftings of real estate!
8. Hip Hop Karaoke NYC
You owe it to yourself to check out what a blog like this has to offer.
9. Bike Blog NYC
Blogging the urban bike culture zipping through the streets of New York.
10. Blondie & Brownie
Another food blog that’s adventurous and really fun to read- there can be two on the list because there’s so much great food in New York!

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