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Twitter is one of the fastest growing sites on the web, and has become a bit of a standard tool in the repertoire of social media marketing. Why not combine both the social media side with a little green living and get the best of both worlds in one place? These informative and interesting feeds do just that, keeping you up to date with all kinds of green and sustainable issues and allowing you to do it through the easy-to-use and popular format of Twitter.

  1. @Grist: If you’re a fan of thi blog, make sure to follow the Twitter feed as well. You’ll find links to some of the best posts on the site as well as information about contests, green news and other applicable issues.
  2. @GreenNews: Become a follower of this feed to stay up-to-date on what’s going on in green business, industry and popular culture around the world.
  3. @LighterFootstep: Associated with Eco Tech Daily, this feed offers daily tips on how to live a greener lifestyle from buying organic to getting great earth-friendly deals on back-to-school clothes.
  4. @Sustainablog: This feed is the Twitter complement to the blog of the same name, providing updates on green news and environmental stories on a wide variety of topics.
  5. @EcoGeek: For those who want to live a more environmentally conscious life without giving up all their gadgets, this feed has loads of links and tips to offer.
  6. @GreenOptions: Here you’ll find feed updates that correlate with blog postings. You’ll be able to stay informed about the newest stories on renewable energy, waste reduction and holistic therapies, among other things.
  7. @greenbizdaily: Through this feed you’ll learn about the business side of the green world and get tips on how to make your business more sustainable or build a green-centered business.
  8. @FullySustainabl: This feed is home to posts on being sustainable, climate change, green design and making a difference as an individual.
  9. @1ThingforGreen: Check out this feed for a tip every day on a small way you can live your life with the environment in mind. Many are practical and totally possible ways to be more green conscious in daily life.
  10. @GreenBureau: The Green Business Bureau’s feed will let you know more about green business issues as well as posting links to news stories that relate to sustainability.

This post was contributed by Donna Scott, who writes about the online college degree programs. She welcomes your feedback at DonnaScott9929 yahoo.com

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