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WordPress Blog Automatic Summary Post Plugin

Last night I was having coffee with my friend Geoff Jones (well known Cambridge blogger) and he told me that I my blog was missing  an weekly summary post. Geoff told me that lost of blogs has a periodic summery post and that I would start them. After some digging around I found a great plugging that will automatically create a weekly summary of the post on murraynewlands.com. The benefits of an automated weekly summary post are as follows:

-I write a lot of posts and it allows readers to find posts more easily.
-SEO Google loves the interlinking between posts on your blog and each post will rank better in SERPS
-Doing it automatically saves time and I will not forget to do it.

You can have daily, weekly or monthly summery posts. I have opted for weekly.  The plugin was easy to install simple to setup.


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