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Link internal and internal page link to improve your Google results

What where why and how explained

What is internal linking?

Internal page  / post linking  is where you link from one post to another on your  own blog.

Why Link internally?

1 You readers can find more information about the current topic that they are reading about when you link interly.

2 Google love internal linking,  think about it you are letting the search engines  know that your old post ifs part of a current conversation and is important within you blog.

3 You are able to expose your old content to your current readers; you have it so make it work for you.

4 Your bounce rate should go down with is good for your readership and your Google ratings. You have to think about your user experience and the conversation that they want to read about  they are searching for material about the subject that they are finding your post for and they want more of the same, by linking to old posts you are offering them more of what they are looking for.

How to link internally?

The main ways to link internally are:
To do a summery post often on a weekly or monthly basis. This can be done automaticly using this automated summary post plugin
To have list of related posts at the bottom of the post. There are any theams such as this one Thesis that do this for you.
To link internally on posts you are writing, just do it the old fashioned way by hand.
To use an automated in post link plugin. Like this one http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/seo-automatic-links/

Make sure you use the key term you want the page you are linking to, to rank for link internal would be the correct term for this page.

Where to link to?

Most internal linking is between posts link this however people often link back to the same post and to the header. Linking between posts makes individual posts rank better. Linking to the home page from specific phrases can help your blog rank more prominently for those phrases, such as marketing blog or email markeing blog

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