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Adrian Flux Insurance Group Scam

I insured my motorbike with the Adrian Flux Insurance Group,  Adrian Flux Insurance Group then refused to payout on my premium on a technicality, after it was stolen.

Adrian Flux Insurance Group take it one stage further.

I was paying the Adrian Flux Insurance Group by installments. The Adrian Flux Insurance Group are now demanding I pay the full years premium for the rest of the years. How do I feel that it poor customer service and a I feel a scam.

Adrian Flux Insurance Group you keep this up and I will keep blogging about you.

8 comments on “Adrian Flux Insurance Group, Adrian Flux Scam

  • Craig Darwin says:

    Hello there,

    I’ve just read your blog and I also happen to work for Adrian Flux Insurance Services, I am sorry to learn of your grievances with our company, and decided I’d like to investigate this on your behalf.

    As you are aware, Adrian Flux are an intermediary, and not an insurer, and I’m hoping that your experience with us is not as a result of any poor customer service.

    If you would therefore like to email me your reference number, or full name and postcode, I will ensure that the matter is passed to our claims manager for his attention.

    Kind regards,

    Craig Darwin

  • Craig

    Thank you for your note. You are still the ones chasing the money. Reff 37566717

    On another intresting note I see you replied using the domain name http://mazemedia.co.uk/

    The whois lookup for this domain name is
    Whois Record
    Domain name:

    David Wilson

    Registrant type:
    UK Partnership

    Registrant’s address:
    52 Marshland Street
    Terrington St Clement
    Kings Lynn
    PE34 4NE
    United Kingdom

    David Wilson happens to be the name of the Marketing Manager for Adrian Flux and PE34 4NE is the same post code for Adrian Flux

  • I was looking up a name/manager I could contact in Adrian Flux to complain and then saw this blog. I may reconsider even bothering now!!!
    I have been totally disappointed with AF’s customer service and approach this year and know quite a few of our mates have had difficulty too. I don’t blame necessarily the staff (only if I forget about the one that implied both my husband and then myself was a liar on 2 seperate occasions) but the fact is that AF has lost the plot just like other big companies when they get too big for their boots and just think about expanding more to fill their pockets rather than really giving their customers the best they can offer! I appreciate there are nuggets out there totally taking advantage and ripping off insurance companies with false claims but they have to be in the minority don’t they? But I feel like we are all being put on trial & convicted without doing anything other than chosing them as our insurer… I used to go with AF as they were possibly the best when it come to modified vehicles and they knew what you were talking about but now…no way jose!!!!! If you want a good insurer for modified VW’s specifically then try Brentacre Insurance. For us they come out a little more expensive but there are no hidden extras you don’t know about and also they are excellent to deal with so total peace of mind. I’ve been with them nearly a year now and although I don’t know what they are like if you had to claim but I am guessing they would be a lot nicer to deal with than AF!
    Anyway I could say a lot more about how totally dicked off I am with AF but what’s the point, I just would not recommend them to anyone now if they had a bog standard daily!

  • Darren Evans says:

    I took out insurance with them on Thursday, gave them all details to the best of my knowledge, not hid anything from them, and paid them a hefty deposit. On Friday, they rang me up saying that they are cancelling my insurance, gave no apparent genuine reason why, and not going to refund my deposit. I am now taking court action against them.

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