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With over 1,960,000 Facebook Fans, Justin Timberlake is an unquestionable Facebook celebrity. His Facebook Fan Page is one of the more active, with thousands of comments and Likes on his posts and a steady stream of interaction from the star himself. And now, Timberlake may be taking his Facebook celebrity status to the next level by playing one of the social network’s founders.

This week Mashable reported that he has accepted the role of Sean Parker celebrity blogger, co-founder of Napster and original Facebook President. Mashable and other publications have been complimentary of the script and excited about the talent behind the writing and directing of the film-Aaron Sorkin as writer and David Fincher as director.

The Facebook movie is actually titled The Social Network and is based on the book The Accidental Billionaires and has a reported budget of $47 Million. CEO Mark Zuckerberg will reportedly be played by Jesse Eisenberg of the upcoming Zombieland.

Facebook is truly cementing its role in the big time if there is a movie being made- not the Facebook celebrity power will explode onto the mainstream media culture. Certainly, Facebook has been all over for months, but the Facebook movie will move Facebook and social media in general to the ranks of skateboarding or other extreme sports, giving it a story.

In marketing, whether traditional marketing or specifically Facebook marketing, story plays an essential role. With over 250 Million international users, Facebook as a social networking platform doesn’t need to be marketed to gain new users. But associating the original story of Facebook (not that long ago, remember) will give a new dimension to the leading social network. Will it bring a new legitimacy and create an even more maninstream approach than what Facebook currently enjoys? Or will it serve to paint the social network world as something else?

How will the movie affect the use and viability of Facebook as a social media and marketing platform?

Let me know what you think in the comments.

Celebrities on Facebook Now Part of the Facebook Movie?


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