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I am planning to cover more email marketing over the next few weeks on this blog, so it will become an email marketing blog. The convergence of email marketing and social media will present a greater opportunity than ever for marketers whether in retaining clients or in client acquisition to use email marketing in customer communication. Deliverability challenges and consumer backlashes against receiving to many emails are producing more challenges than ever for email marketers.

I started doing email marketing for Westcon in their channel marketing for product manufactures such as 3COM and Nortel some 10 years ago on a in house developed platform. At that point we were doing email campaigns to amplify the effects of direct mail and getting 20% open rates. These were to customer databases informing them of new product launches of new product marketing campaigns.  My next major experience of email marketing was in selecting and using Email Vision for the Best of the Best a car competition website. These mailings generated large amounts of revenue from existing clients. I then worked at PrimeQ and Cleverat both of whom were heavily involved in email marketing both on the email acquisition side themselves and working with affiliates who are in the acquisition space. I have a therefore the knowledge and contact I hope to offer some real insight into email marketing and the connection between email marketing and social media. I have some reviews of email marketing solutions as well as interviews with key industry figures in the email marketing space lined up. I am looking for more interviews with email marketing insiders, if you know any please do point them in my direction. What would you like to see from an email marketing blog?


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