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Facebook marketing and Twitter Marketing are both compelling and innovative fields not only for those who do most of their work online, like bloggers and website administrators, but also for any company that wants to craft an innovative campaign. The southern U.S. fast food chain Krystal did a social media campaign in August as part of their new product launch for the Krystal Blitz.

Krystal is a 90 year old fast food chain and one of the largest in the U.S. They utilized Facebook marketing tactics to get people out to Krystal restaurants and trying their new product, the Krystal Blitz. It’s an energy drink sold frozen or “on the rocks.” With over 6,500 fans on their Facebook “Official Krystal Lover Community,” this campaign featured time-sensitive coupons that fans and twitter followers could follow a link to and download/print. The campaign has generated some good buzz in the social media world, and has gotten thousands of people out to try the Blitz.

Facebook Marketing – What Krystal did right!

1. Interaction:The Facebook Fan Page administrators have been very responsive to users/ customers on the Fan Page- when there have been coupons that didn’t work or problems with the links, someone from Krystal has been there to address the people who posted about it. Facebook marketing requires interaction, and Krystal got it right on.

2. Time-sensitive: Social media moves quickly and in order to stay relevant a company needs to have fresh content. In this case, Krystal made their coupons good for only limited periods, meaning, if a customer wanted to use it, they would need to go to the Page, download the coupon and then have only a set time to use it. This kept customers coming back- and for those who heard about the coupons, they knew that they needed to visit the Page frequently to catch the next offer. Nice.

3. PR: There are multiple articles about this campaign on networks like Brand Week, ensuring that not only do their customers know about the promotions, but the media, and more importantly, the social network media know about what they are doing. While PR itself is changing all the time, this is a great example of blending the two.

Facebook Marketing and Twitter Marketing for the Krystal Blitz


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