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This is my entry to Ted Murphy’s IzeaFest 6 Minutes of Fame.


I started murraynewlands.com in the late spring this year and it has escalated from 1-10 visitors per day to 500-1500 visitors per day.  I have 33,000 Twitter followers and a growing Facebook Fan page.

What is my differentiator?

What makes me different from the millions of other bloggers and tweeters out there?  I think my results indicate my understanding of building a network and I want to share the knowledge I picked up along the way.

A few key points I’d like to pitch are:

The importance of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in building a successful blog as it is one area where many bloggers have very little understanding or knowledge.

Working with other bloggers to get links, traffic, and build outreach.

Valued connections in the blogosphere.

My take on becoming what Chris Brogan would call a “Trust Agent

Ted – Yes, I’m ready for my 6 minutes of fame!  I intend to be a famous blogger and I wish to share. The proof is in the pudding: Google ‘”famous blogger”. I wish to share my knowledge to help educate other bloggers.

“Please provide at least two references that will vouch for your awesomeness” said Ted. Ted the following people have agreed to vouch for my awesomeness Heather Smith www.boatinginbeautifulbritishcolumbia.com/  , BenSpark of benspark.com Everyday photos, Eric Schechter blog.clickbooth.com and last but not least Dina Riccobono of www.marketleverage.com

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