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What happens in Vegas… you know the line. But some of it gets out on these Las Vegas blogs who know that some of the best stories in one of the best cities around are too good not to be told. According to them, what happens in Vegas… is worth blogging about!

Las Vegas blogs top ten

1. While Las Vegas Sleeps

Dubbed “real stories from the most unreal city on earth,” this blog is all about telling those stories that you thought only happened in movies. One recent post was a guest post from a cabbie.  Fun read.

2. Prof’s Las Vegas Poker Blog

Part of LasVegasVegas dot com, this blog brings you poker news and articles about the most famous of gambling games all around the city. Tips for sports gambling as well.

3. Steve’s Everything Las Vegas

Written by Steve Kieva, this blog is exactly what it says- everything about Las Vegas, from the newest show to the newest restaurant to the place that can’t pay its bills.

4. Las Vegas USA

This one is focused on things to do in Las Vegas, whether you are visiting for pleasure or business or both. They organize everything by categories so it is easy to find what information you need.

5. Luxe Life (from Las Vegas Weekly)

Just what it says, this blog covers the rich and famous when they come to Vegas and do what the rich and famous do. Oh, and it says it’s written by Robin Leach!

6. Two Way Hard Three

This is a design and casino blog that brings you all the best and newest in those areas.

7. Why Go Las Vegas

This blog highlights all of the newest and most outlandish and fun that is happening in and around Vegas. Well worth reading for new ideas if you are a frequent Vegas traveler.

8. The Moveable Buffet

This is an LA Times blog, so you get the news and happenings from Vegas from the LA point of view- well, the LA journalism point of view.

9. Living Las Vegas

With a tagline like “living in the shadow of the strip,” you know this blog is keeping it real with the stories. It is about living in and around Las Vegas and written by local experts on doing just that.

10. Classic Las Vegas

“Helping to preserve 20th Century Las Vegas” is their tagline. They publish articles and stories about the historical sites and sounds of Vegas.

Las Vegas Blogs Top Ten


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