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London Blog Consultant Marko Saric on Blogging

Blogs have progressed a lot since the beginning. Back at the start, blogs were simple, personal online diaries where people wrote about their daily lives. Today, blogs are much more.

Many companies have blogs where they connect with their audience, but also personal blogs have now become professional outlets online. An increasing number of people is earning money from blogging either as a side-business or a full-time business.

Blogs are the simplest method of getting your ideas and skills out in the world, and are also an easy way of connecting to the people that are interested in your skills and what you have to offer.

Buy a domain name, install WordPress blog on it and already today you can be on your way towards building a professional presence online and building an audience, a tribe of fans.

By writing new blog posts regularly and by connecting with people via social media, you improve your network and create connections. At first, it might just be a hobby, but you will soon realise the power of blogging.

The better posts you write, and the more people you connect with, lets you reach even more people as people like to share great blog posts. Your hobby blog can very quickly be turned into a good side-income, and if you are persistent it can even turn into your main income.

You do not need millions of page views to monetize your blog and your writing. Most bloggers do not earn money via page views and advertising space sales.

Many bloggers end up writing books, or e-books, some monetize by creating membership sites with premium information where people need to pay to subscribe.

You do not even have to monetize your blog directly. Some bloggers go offline and do presentation and key-note speeches at different conferences and events. Offering consulting services is another option.

Basically, internet makes it very flexible and it is you and your hard work that determines how far you will reach with your blog. I hope this article inspires you to try it out. These days everyone can build a name and a reputation. A simple blog installation and a lot of writing is what is needed.

Marko Saric is a blogging consultant helping bloggers succeed with WordPress, Thesis theme and blog marketing. Marko blogs at HowToMakeMyBlog.com.

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