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London Blog Club

UPDATE see http://www.meetup.com/London-Blog-Club/ 

I am planning a London Blog Club with a number of meet up’s with other London bloggers, If you have a London blog please connect so I can put you on the list for the London Blog Club. I know there is already a London blog meet up run by Andy who does an incredible job. I do not want to compete with him merely complement what he offers.  His events are however often oversubscribed and I am hoping to put on events more frequently. If you have a London blog and would like to get involved in the being part of the new meet ups please do get in contact.

How can you help this new London Blog Club?
Do you know venues that the group can meet at?
Would you like to give a talk to the London Blog Club (no selling)?
Would you like to sponsor the event?

What are the aims of the London Blog Club?
Well much the same as The BlogUp I put on in New York
The BlogUP is a unique, one-of-a-kind networking event that will take face-to-face networking for bloggers to a whole new level. No longer will it be a struggle meeting everyone in the room, nor will it be tough to find those who are really there to collaborate and meet new people. Everyone that attends The BlogUP wants to meet YOU and is looking for ways to collaborate in order to help each other grow in the blogosphere.

Who is welcome to the London Blog Club?
UK Blogger, London Bloggers and people from around the world interested in blogging. Yes and PR people too 😉

When will the London Blog Club first meet?
December 2009

Want to come?
Get in contact.

See http://www.meetup.com/London-Blog-Club/

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