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Los Angeles- home of the great Hollywood Hills, Santa Monica Boulevard and so much more. The paradise of southern California. And of course, there are blogs about it. If you’re visiting for business or looking for an extended stay, here are some great blogs to get you some info beforehand.

Los Angeles Blogs Top Ten

1. LA Observed

As they say, “Media, politics and sense of place since 2003.” Award winning with great articles and a great perspective.

2. LAist

This one is news, events and food from in and around Los Angeles from the popular member of the City- ist blog format. Great articles and information.

3. Go Los Angeles Card Blog

Everything you need or want to know if you are traveling to Los Angeles. Stocked full of information.

4. Risky Business Blog

How can you have a list of LA blogs without Hollywood playing prominently in on it? Here is the first- this one gives the dish and the legit perspective on all that is happening in and around the movie business.

5. Caroline on Crack

You need to read this blog. Imagine running all over LA finding the best of everything with a camera, a notebook and veins full of caffeine. Read it.

6. Losanjealous

Great music blog out of Los Angeles that covers events, concerts and interviews with the underground local music scene. Live it and love it.

7. Deadline Hollywood Daily

Great take on all of the goings on in Hollywood and the entertainment industry in general.

8. Los Angeles (Metblogs)

Snarky Los Angeles commentary on whatever the author thinks is newsworthy- which is pretty much always newsworthy and fun. Not the biggest stories, but often ones that touch on the local flavor.

9. Eating L.A.

“It’s your city, you might as well taste it.” That’s a good tagline. And if you read the blog, that’s a good way to taste the city.

10. LA Taco

You want to know about the real LA? Read it.

Los Angeles Blogs Top Ten