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Tell me about your Blog?

My blog is Cinema Juice and is a blog about movies. I utilize this outlet to voice my thoughts and opinions on what’s happening in the film industry. Casting updates, new trailers, upcoming films; I cover it all.

My aim is to bring a fresh perspective to the industry’s current contemporary cinema. Building an audience would also be nice.

What was your first blog?

Without the slightest ounce of exaggeration, Cinema Juice was my first blog. I’ve started up different accounts on WordPress and Blogger, but never quite got around to actually making a post. But now I know what it feels like to be a blogger, and quite frankly, it feels good.

What is the biggest tip you would give to a newbie blogger?

Being somewhat of a newbie blogger myself, many of those in my position would refrain from giving advice. Fortunately, I’m not one of those people.

I recommend doing the following: Write. Advertise. Write more. The look of your blog, as long as it doesn’t leave the reader’s eyes hurting, can wait until later. Writing quality posts and getting the word out about your blog is the first essential thing on your to-do list when starting out.

Be genuine, and engage your readers when they comment. You’ve heard it a million times, but if you do these things, you’ll build up an audience in no time.

What do advertisers do that you wish they wouldn’t?

To be frank, not much at all. When I visit a website or blog that is littered with advertisements up and down the page, I don’t blame the advertisers, I blame the owner of the place. I took the time to visit their page, and they blind me with information on how to lose weight. Not nice.

What do bloggers do that you wish they wouldn’t?

The above. But also those incapable of being persistent and patient. You’re not going to¬† hit the jackpot in a week. Give it a few months, work at it, and success will come your way.

Where do you see growth in the blogging field?

Personal blogs. They are much more of a treat to read than any other type of blog.

What new ideas are advertisers coming up with to take advantage of new

Twitter. I needn’t say more.

What do you do to improve the world?

Now? Not much, but I plan to be a writer. I hope my future work will shine out the best in me and others.

What do you do that is green?

I recycle, but I dare say, that is all.

What is one thing about you that not many people know?

Many of my readers don’t know that I am still in high school. Many of my friends and family are unaware of my writing.

What’s your favorite book?

I’ve got a penchant for fantasy books. I’ve read just about every children’s fantasy book on the market right now. And yes, that includes the seventh Harry Potter book. Some of my favorite authors include Brian Jacques, Jonathan Stroud, Christopher Paolini, C.S. Lewis, J.K. Rowling, and J.R.R Tolkien.

I’m also an avid reader of poetry. The works of Walt Whitman, Robert Frost, Edgar Allan Poe, Langston Hughes, and Emily Dickinson in particular.

What is on your iPod?

Oh goodness, just about everything, old and new. Though rock & roll is my favorite genre.

What are your contact details (email, company, blog, facebook, myspace,
forums, etc)?

Blog: http://cinemajuice.com

E-mail: [email protected]

Twitter: http://twitter.com/cinemajuice

How do you prefer to communicate?

Contact me in any way that is convenient for you.

Who would you recommend, and why?

Each of the following contributed to my inspiration to begin blogging about movies on my own. They are fantastic movie blogs, each of which I highly recommend if film critique is an interest of yours.





The following movie news sites are great resources as well:



What is one thing people can do for you?

Stop by my blog and throw your two cents in. Comments are warmly welcome.

Movie Blogger and Cinema Blogger at Cinema Juice

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  • Hey nice post!

    I have a post on my blog, that I recently started with the help of Dennis Yu, about becoming more eco-friendly or “green”

    I especially liked reading your interview with him

    I am also in high school trying to establish myself as a blogger. I will defiantly subscribe to your blog and keep updated with your posts.

    -Andrew Commander

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