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Kari Dunn-Saratovsky, the VP of Social Innovation at the Case Foundation, gave a great speech at Mashable’s Summer of Social Good Conference about how social media is used for what the Case Foundation does. The Case Foundation, founded by husband and wife Jean and Steve Case, is a Foundation dedicated to “reflect their family‚Äôs commitment to finding lasting solutions for complex social challenges. We invest in people and ideas that can change the world.” -(Case Foundation About Us Page)

Her job at the Case Foundation is to oversee and make the social innovation programs happen, and the role of Mashable’s Social Good Conference to recognize and promote people who are doing amazing projects. Dunn-Saratovsky’s speech touched on how social causes can use social media to promote themselves, and she talked about cause marketing on Facebook.

Her message was that while 1000 or 10,000 Fans on Facebook (or many more) may be a great number, in the end what you need is the power of word-of-mouth marketing to happen for you on the ground, person to person, face to face. Facebook is a compelling format for getting people together online, but the real power is in turning the online energy and connections into what is happening offline.

She made the strong point that it is more powerful to have 10 or 20 engaged Fans or Followers who are doing good, meaningful work than to have 10,000 that are there in a number on the page but don’t show up to anything offline.

Facebook Marketing for Cause Marketing works when it is there between events, a place for people to keep in touch and connect when nothing in the offline world is happening, but there is real power in engaged cause marketing people who use Facebook marketing- that is where Word-of-Mouth Marketing really happens- people talking to each other.

Word-of-Mouth Marketing and Facebook Marketing Creating Cause Marketing for Social Good


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