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Are you a word press technical geek? Please can you help?

o be able to set my posts up so that they then become threads in the forum and comments are posted into the forum. If you are a blogger this is worth looking into to create increased community on your blog. I am going to do a longer post about it in the next few days. I use wordpress on linux I want to be able to connect it up to a bbpress forum. I have found the pluggin for it and installed it etc. http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/wordpress-bbpress-syncronization/

My tech guy has setup the forum and all the elements but cannot get them to work together. Please can you help?

For your help I can:
1) Pay you &
2) I can blog about your help

Contact mrn(NOSPAM>@(NOSPAM>murraynewlands.com take our the (NOSPAM>

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