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Facebook Skins Free but Dangerous
I have a lot of people friend me on Facebook, I am sure we all get more and more. I do not like to say no to people and I do actively like to connect with people. That include YOU. But who are the people behind the profiles are the real people or just Facebook skins. You can make alot of free contacts but who are they.

Facebook Skins or a real person.

I get 2-3 requests per day and I have to confess I do not check them all in details. I just do not have time and you never know from the photos, people use all sorts of photos including photos of their kids. So photos are not a good way of separating Facebook skins from real people. Further if you are trying to find a friend and connecting with people via Facebook it can be difficult to find the right one.

Facebook privacy
Now I am over the who Facebook privacy thing, all the information is out there or soon will be and the people who you really do not want to get hold of the information you are trying to keep hidden are going to be the onese who get hold of it anyway.

Incident today
Today I was on Facebook and a messenger window popped up and a little girl stated chatting to me! No idea who she was or how she got to be my Facebook friend, then went. I cannot even remember her name so can no unfriend her. To be honest I was more worried about her safety, if she did not know who I was then who else is she chatting to!

Facebook Skins how do you know who you are talking to on Facebook?

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