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The US FTC has just issued rules for disclosure for bloggers and celebrity inducements to insure greater transparency in advertising. Why do I say FTCWTF? As it happens I do not do paid post HOWEVER
1 It is lucky this is a UK blog, even thought half the traffic comes from the USA and it ranks top 20,000 according to Alexa.
2 I have decided that this is not a blog it is a TV channel broadcasting video and text. That way I am safe in the USA and the UK. In the UK undisclosed product placement has just been allowed, just like the USA.
3 If murraynewlands.com is not a TV channel it is a Hollywood film and therefore product placement is ok.
4The irony of this government setting launching these rules is that Obama would not be in office if not for the support he got from the bloggers and social media voice behind his campaign. He could pay a heavy price for this!
5 Oh no I may have a problem, I rank for the term famous blogger and celebrity blogger, the FTC probably get me that way. Oh no I am from the UK I get away with it….
What does this tell us about America? If you are Hollywood and can PAY enough congressmen and senators to endorse product placement in your industry you can get away with it, if not they will regulate. Perhaps the FTC should regulate their own house first. The good news is that Senators and Congressmen are celebrities and therefore caught by this set of rules 🙂

This is a quick post from the airport which I will expand on soon.If you feel the same way please spread this meme and tag it #FTCWTF

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