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This week I was at the Social Media Strategies Conference in San Francisco at Fort Mason. It was a one day conference about how businesses can use social media.

One of the Keynote speakers was MC Hammer! He has transformed himself from recording artist to social media guru. He told me: “Anyone who’s not participating in social media, in the long run, is doing a disservice to their business.”

In his speech he talked a lot about how the online marketplace and social media have rewritten all the rules for the music industry. He was kind enough to take a few minutes in between getting his picture taken with the line of fans to talk with me about how musicians and businesses alike can use social media to create relationships with fans, understand their end consumer, and why bands should be using social media to connect every chance they get.

“Other than when it’s time to rehearse and perform, there shouldn’t be anytime when [young bands] are not involved in social media.” – MC Hammer

Follow him on twitter at: @MCHammer

Social Media Marketing and the Music Industry, An Interview with MC Hammer


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