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PR interview questions and making the most of your PR interview my top tips.

I have interviewed lots of people and I have now done lots of interviews. The hard part is getting to be interviewed, that is the topic for a different post. So you have got your PR interview now what?

I am writing about dealing with written interviews, it when doing blogging outreach.

Know your audience
Research the media you are interview for and know what their readers are likely to be interesting in. Have a message and know what you want to talk about and talk about it in terms that publications readership will understand and engage in. Remember you have been chosen for the interview because the media think you are interesting or your topic is interesting, but you still have to give good answers.

Help the interviewer as they right questions
Communicate with the interviewer if there are some interesting things you are doing or about to do that they do not know about tell them. Remember the interview wants a good interview. If there are things you do not want to answer you do not have to, they may comment in the interview publication but it is unlikely.

Be human
Unless it is a technical publication make it human add personal information, this helps the readers connect with you.

Supply a good photo, if you are unsure they ask your friends which photo to use. Photos make written interview much more fun and interesting.

Yes I said it SEO, tell the writer what key term you would like the interview to rank for, they may or may not help, but it could make all the difference to the results, yes results you get from the interview and who reads it.

Maximizing the RESULTS – this is the very important bit
Ok you have worked hard and got someone to interview you, you have done a good interview now what? You want the world to read your PR interview questions and answers, right?

1-Tweet it and get everyone you know to RT it.
2-Put it on your Facebook, MySpace and every other profile.
3-Stumble and dig it.
4-Link to it from your site. How to link to it? Do not put I had a great interview on murray newlands.com today for more information click here, with here as the link text. Remember you had agreed what you wanted the interview to rank for? Link to the interview on that them i.e. Golf Blogger linking to this interview http://www.murraynewlands.com/2009/10/golf-blogger-john-raser-an-interview/ . This makes a massive difference.
5-Get your friends to also link to your interview in the same way!

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